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2019 Kentucky elections

Kentucky voted Republican in all 5 presidential elections between 2000 and 2016. In 2015, Ryan Quarles won the Republican main for agriculture commissioner by 1,429 votes, or 0.eight percent, over Richard Heath. Quarles then defeated Jean-Marie Lawson Spann (D) in the open-seat contest in November. In 2011, the Republican major for secretary of state was received by Bill Johnson by 1,108 votes, or zero.8 percent, over Hilda Legg. Johnson was defeated in the open-seat contest in the basic election by Alison Lundergan Grimes (D).
Incumbent Matt Bevin defeated Robert Goforth, William Woods, and Ike Lawrence within the Republican main for Governor of Kentucky on May 21, 2019. Andy Beshear defeated Rocky Adkins, Adam Edelen, and Geoff Young in the Democratic major for Governor of Kentucky on May 21, 2019. Trump spent Monday evening rallying with Bevin in Kentucky.
Medium. How many times has Gonzaga been in the Final Four , Andrew. "After gubernatorial primary defeat, Rocky Adkins pledges support to Andy Beshear".
It's true that Bevin was a troubled candidate. He labored to roll back Kentucky's Medicaid enlargement.
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